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5 charming campsites to unwind and relax in

If you’re looking for a small cozy campsite to unwind in, then you have come to the right place. We have picked 5 of our favourites where the chirp of the birds is your morning alarm call and nature and tranquillity are all around you. So keep reading for 5 campsites that are small in size but big in relaxation.

Unwind at Valle Romantica

Paddle in the mountain stream, go for a swim in the lake or dine in authentic Osteria. The choice is yours. This is one of the oldest campsites on Lake Maggiore – and one of the best. This is a place to fall in love. This campsite is set in a romantic location in a botanical garden full of Azaleas, camlellias and Magnolias.

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Discover Deserted Beaches At Le Lac

The location of this campsite is nature at it’s finest. Situated on the banks of the beautiful lake of Serre Poncon, on the border of the Alps and Provence. The view from here is magnificent: rugged mountains, boats on the lake, hang gliders in the air. This campsite is fully equipped and around the lake there are small deserted beaches for you to discover. And if you’re in luck, you may one of them all to yourself.

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Manor Farm 1

Located on Lake Thun in Switzerland, near the town of Interlaken, Camping Manor Farm 1 is a firm favourite among those who love the Alps. The It’s easy to see why when the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau lie at your feet. Throw on your walking shoes and jump into a mountain lift to make the trip up.

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Sit In The Shade At La Vallée Heureuse

This is a small, intimate campsite near a lake , surrounded on all sides by forests, mountains, valleys and villages of Les Alpilles. Decortje. With the Mediterranean sun shining high in the sky, you can take shade under the oak trees on site. Even Vincent van Gogh ever fell for the beauty of this unspoiled piece of nature. He created more than 300 paintings of the surrounding area.

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Rolling Hills At Le Coeur d’Ardèche

Le Coeur d’Ardeche is a small gem in the heart of the Ardeche region that will delight nature lovers. It’s a green campsite set on a hillside in the South of France. With a view of the river and a lovely relaxed atmosphere it is truly a place to unwind. There is also a small lake to splash around in that children will simply love!

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4 Campsites For Young Families

Campsites That Are Great For Young Families

At Vacansoleil we know that it’s not always easy trying to keep young children entertained and safe on holidays. That’s why we have rounded up 4 of our favourite campsites that are ideal for young families. They have plenty of facilities for younger children to keep them entertained with fun activities in a safe environment.

Campsites That Are Great For Young Families
Campsites That Are Great For Young Families

Iris Parc Le Grand Dague, Dordogne (France)

This family campsite is fantastic for young campers. The lagoon bath has a soft bottom, which is ideal for toddlers that aren’t fully stable on their own feet yet. All facilities are open all year round. Iris Parc Le Grand Dague even offers a special entertainment program for children 2 to 4 years: Camping Kids Mini.


Fayolan, Jura (France)

This luxury campsite situated on the edge of the lake of Clairvaux is ideal for young families. It has 2 children’s pools which are ideal for toddlers and older kids and the shallow water area in those pools are heated. On site there is a fantastic events square where there is always something fun and exciting happening and provides hours of fun the kids.


Altominicio Family Park, Lake Garda (Italy)

Children are the boss on this site! In the swimming park there is a section especially designed for the very young. There is also a children’s playground that the kids will love. And for parents, there are plenty of lounge chairs! The entire site is car-free which makes it very safe. There is also a babysitting service on site which means that the parents can get out by themselves to enjoy some time in the restaurant or bar.


Iris Parc Le Château de Galaure, Drôme (France)

This lively and very green campsite is a dream for kids! There is a sandy beach on the site so you can take the bucket and spade and build sandcastles for the day! In addition, there is also a separate, heated wading pool and the indoor-play area is composed of soft materials. In Iris Parc Le Chateau de Galaure there are various entertainment programs for all ages, even for children between 2 and 4 years!

How To Pack Like An Expert

9 Packing Tips For Your Next Family Holiday

We’ve all been there, the struggle to get our luggage closed but we’ve packed one too many pairs of flip flops and the zip looks like its about crack open, undoing a few hours of solid packing. Then the thought crosses your mind, “What if I sit on the bag to compress it”. It is at this point that you should accept defeat and use our 9 fantastic packing tips to repack for the holiday of a lifetime.

Packing Like A Pro
Packing Like A Pro


  1. Rolling. Role up everything!

And keep rolling. When you have rolled your clothes instead of folding it saves space as there is less air in your clothes when they are rolled. It also helps to keep them relatively wrinkle free when compared to folding.


  1. Enjoy the local cuisine

One of the great things about travelling to a foreign country is the chance to taste some delicious local cuisine. But how can you try the local delicasies if your suitcase is full of British tea and sausages. Our advice – save room in your suitcase for the important things and get stuck into the local grub.

  1. Book bedlinen

Booking bedlinen on the campsite is going to save you so much room. Just think of how bulky bedlinen is and how much room it will take up in your luggage. It’s not expensive to book bedlinen and you will also save yourself the hassle of washing it when you get home.


  1. Lists, lists, lists

When you make a list of everything you think you will need to bring, it makes it easier to see what really isn’t necessary and you can save yourself a few headaches before you even start packing.


Our last 2 tips are very simple but very effective…

  1. Put your shoes in your socks.

  2. Decide in advance how much luggage you can take and stick that quota for an easier packing experience.


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