Camping in San Marino

Camping in San Marino

San Marino is a miniature sovereign state inside Italy. Not very well known perhaps but a pleasant destination nevertheless. Enjoy the picturesque villages and towns in the environs from a camping in San Marino. From Centro Vacanze campsite it is just a few steps to San Marino City’s historic centre. This historic city still has its medieval walls, towers and gates. While enjoying this cultural heritage you will surely want to take advantage of the cafés and restaurants. And after a shopping spree you will love the many outdoor terraces.

A visit to San Marino City should include a tour of the three famous Monte Titano castles that overlook the city. Other towns conveniently within reach from the campsite, and definitely worth a visit, are San Leo and Ravenna. And the beach is one of the numerous other options from our camping in San Marino. Popular Italian coast towns such as Rimini, Riccione or Cattolica are relatively near the campsite. Rimini is highly recommended for its nightlife. A holiday in San Marino has something for everyone!

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A unique spot, situated close to San Marino, a country that is made up of one town. Set on a hill next to the city with views of the animal park. Rimini is 15km away.