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Top 10 Campsites

Our 10 best campsites, as voted by our guests – Part 1.

Our 10 best campsites, as voted by our guests – Part 1.

Looking for a fantastic campsite for 2018? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our previous guests have spoken and we’ve listened. All campsites are assessed by our guests after the end of the holiday on a scale from 1 to 10. You can find the reviews of the campsites on each of the campsites webpages and you can also read the reviews of the guests here.

All the campsites below score at least an 8.5 on average out of 10!


Continental Camping Village, Lake Maggiore (Italy)

Rating: 9.0

Continental Camping Village (formerly Continental Lido) is a beautiful campsite. From here you can walk to the popular lake Lago di Mergozza. It has a fine sandy beach and is Europe’s cleanest lake. Continental Camping Village is located on a stunning stretch of land between Lago di Mergozza and Lake Maggiore so you have your choice of beautiful lake to visit.

Continental Camping Village - Voted by guests
Continental Camping Village

Mas st. Josep campsite, Costa Brava (Spain)

Rating: 8.8

The beaches of Playa d’Aro and Sant Agaró are only a short 6 kilometres from Mas St. Josep campsite. This stretch of coastline is known for it’s crystal clear blue waters and beaufitul bays. A great choice for reaxing under the Catalan sun. This campsite is perfect for those who want to stay fit as it has an extensive sports center. There is a large pool for all ages and a fantastic childrens pool also.

Mas St. Josep campsite - Voted by guests
Mas St. Josep campsite

Les Mouettes campsite, Brittany (France)

Rating: 8.7

Immediately noticeable at Les Mouettes campsite is the swimming pool. This 1200 m2 swimming pool complex is unique in the region. You can navigate your way down the slides, float through the flowing streams and splash around in the new ‘Aqua Garden’ water playground. The amazing swimming pool complex isn’t the only great aspect of Les Mouettes. The local area is stunning and a walk along the coast is a must.

Les Mouettes campsites - Voted by guests
Les Mouettes campsites

Les Méditerranées Charlemagne campsite and Nouvelle Floride campsite, Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

Rating: 8.7

Two campsites in one! The neighbouring campsites Charlemagne and Nouvelle Floride belong together. Charlemagne is 200 meters from the beach and Nouvelle Floride is right on the beach. The campsites have a shared swimming paradise with a separate section for toddlers. In the area? There you will find nice towns where you get a real holiday feeling. The local towns of Sète and Marseillan-Plage are only a short distance away and are full of history, shops and terraces.

Les Méditerranées Charlemagne et Nouvelle Floride - Voted by guests
Les Méditerranées Charlemagne et Nouvelle Floride

Zaton Holiday Resort, Dalmatia (Croatia)

Rating: 8.6

If you enjoy long sandy beaches and pleasant strolls along a modern boulevard, then Zaton Holiday Resort is the place for you. Swimming pools, restaurants, minigolf, pony rides, water sports, bike rental and the list goes on for all the facilities available onsite. And as an added bonus…the beautiful islands off the coast of Zadar can be seen from Zaton Holiday Resort.

Zaton Holiday Resort - Voted by guests
Zaton Holiday Resort

Check out Part 2 for the rest of our 10 best campsites, as voted by our previous guests.


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