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How To Pack Like An Expert

9 Packing Tips For Your Next Family Holiday

We’ve all been there, the struggle to get our luggage closed but we’ve packed one too many pairs of flip flops and the zip looks like its about crack open, undoing a few hours of solid packing. Then the thought crosses your mind, “What if I sit on the bag to compress it”. It is at this point that you should accept defeat and use our 9 fantastic packing tips to repack for the holiday of a lifetime.

Packing Like A Pro
Packing Like A Pro


  1. Rolling. Role up everything!

And keep rolling. When you have rolled your clothes instead of folding it saves space as there is less air in your clothes when they are rolled. It also helps to keep them relatively wrinkle free when compared to folding.


  1. Enjoy the local cuisine

One of the great things about travelling to a foreign country is the chance to taste some delicious local cuisine. But how can you try the local delicasies if your suitcase is full of British tea and sausages. Our advice – save room in your suitcase for the important things and get stuck into the local grub.

  1. Book bedlinen

Booking bedlinen on the campsite is going to save you so much room. Just think of how bulky bedlinen is and how much room it will take up in your luggage. It’s not expensive to book bedlinen and you will also save yourself the hassle of washing it when you get home.


  1. Lists, lists, lists

When you make a list of everything you think you will need to bring, it makes it easier to see what really isn’t necessary and you can save yourself a few headaches before you even start packing.


Our last 2 tips are very simple but very effective…

  1. Put your shoes in your socks.

  2. Decide in advance how much luggage you can take and stick that quota for an easier packing experience.


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