Camping in Doubs

Camping Doubs

When you're camping at a campsite in Doubs, you find yourself camping in the greenest department of France. This region has beautiful nature. Mountains, forests and deep gorges alternate with springs, lakes, rivers and spectacular waterfalls. The region is also characterised by the presence of numerous caves. In the summer you can enjoy walking, cycling, or simply relax. In winter Doubs is a paradise for skiers. Enjoying and the anticipation of a camping holiday in Doubs begins by booking a holiday with Vacansoleil.

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The landscape around your campsite in Doubs

The landscape around your campsite in Doubs ranges from hilly to mountainous. The region takes its name from the eponymous river. The River Doubs, together with rivers like the Lison, Loue and Dessoubre, determines the beautiful scenery of springs, lakes and waterfalls. The highest point is the Cret du Mont d'Or. Here you are treated to fantastic views. Explore the area on foot or hire a bike at your campsite in Doubs. The paths beside the river will take you through deep valleys and along picturesque villages.

Fun on the river near your campsite in Doubs

Your campsite in Doubs is almost always in the vicinity of one of the rivers. You can hire an electric boat and sail along, taking in all the wonderful cultural heritage. You can also take a boat tour, so you hear factual commentary about the area. The rivers in the area are particularly suited to canoeing, kayaking and rafting. The lakes and rivers near your campsite in Doubs provide a wonderful coolness during the warmer days of the year and lots of water fun.

The capital Besancon

When you stay at a campsite in Doubs, a visit to the capital of this department must not be missed. The ancient city of Besancon is beautifully situated on the River Doubs. The city is home to many historical sites, such as a cathedral from the 12th century and the Palais Granvell, built in the16th century. The birthplace of Victor Hugo, you might of heard of him; the author of Les Misérables, is to be found on the Grand Rue in Besancon. Also the beautiful citadel must not to be missed when visiting the capital city during your stay at a campsite in Doubs. This fortification has several museums and also gives you a fantastic view of the city and the valley of the Doubs.

Activities from your campsite in Doubs

The surroundings of your campsite in Doubs offer many activities. Besides walking, cycling and mountain biking through the picturesque nature, you can also explore the countryside on horseback. Lovers of caves can indulge themselves in Doubs. Descend into one of the many caves and take a journey of discovery every day. Tennis and golf venues are usually near your campsite in Doubs. In short, no one here will be bored for a second.

Looking for a versatile campsite with several opportunities for young and old? A campsite in Doubs has it all!