Top class Camping in the North of France

Camping in the rich diversity of Northern France

Many holidaymakers see France as the ideal camping destination. And rightly so, as it offers a huge diversity in campsites, with each region having its own particular charm and characteristics. Its northern scenery has a rustic appearance and is dominated by rolling hills which turn into the rocky landscape of Normandy and Brittany once they reach the coastline.


Ile de France, the region surrounding Paris has some truly breathtaking scenery and many interesting sights and attractions. The area is made up of 9 royal cities, has over 400 parks and gardens and many medieval villages. It’s also full of unique and fascinating local heritage, such as Versailles, Fontainebleau and Provins.

North East France

The three most important and interesting areas of North East France are the Alsace, Lorraine and Jura. They radiate a typically French ambience and when it comes to great dining the area does its country’s nick name ‘ La Douce France ‘ proud. A must for the to do list is a trip to one of the famous vineyards of the Alsace area.


This peninsula in the north west of France borders on both the Channel and the Atlantic ocean. It is famed for its pearl white beaches and those looking for a gastronomical feast can choose from an abundance of cosy seaside restaurants. Its landscape is filled with mysticism and large mysterious oblong rocks.


Normandy is renowned for its magnificent regional parks and great food, notably sea and shellfish. You are also spoilt with a huge variety of sights and attractions, such as the impressive Le Mont Saint Michel, a tidal island that borders on Brittany. The world famous Normandy D-Day landing beaches are also a must see.

The Loire

The Loire Valley is often described as the garden of France. It is a protected region and was added to its World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Hundreds of fairytale castles are scattered throughout the area, including the famous Château d'Amboise where Leonardo da Vinci is rumoured to be buried.


Although a trip to one of the large Champagne houses in the region should definitely be on your list of things to do, the area has a lot more to offer. Visit the highly regarded city of art Reims and marvel at its imposing cathedral. Or take a refreshing dip in one of the best kept secrets of the Champagne region, Lake Der-Chantecoq , the largest artificial lake in western Europe (48 km2) and a watersports lovers paradise.