Camping in Poland

Camping Poland

Going camping in Poland? It’s the latest holiday trend! Summers are hot and sunny here and the long coastline is filled with broad, beautiful beaches. There’s also lots to see in the many historic cities the country has and plenty of fun in and on the water both near your campsite in Poland and further inland by the many lakes. Best of all, the prices in Poland are very affordable. Wat more could you ask for a great camping holiday?

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Family holiday in Poland

You don’t need to drive all the way down to Southern Europe for a great family holiday. A campsite in Poland also has a lot to offer. Swimming pools, beaches, amusement parks, theme parks, historical places, water sports, nature areas and lots, lots more! And the food is great! With something to cater for all tastes. Even pizza and pasta if that’s your favourite. Eating out is incredibly cheap in Poland.

3 handy facts for on your journey to your campsite in Poland:

  • You don’t need an international drivers licence in Poland.
  • It’s compulsory to have a warning triangle, a visibility jacket  and a fire extinguisher in your car.
  • The A1, A2 and A4 are toll roads. You can pay here with credit card or cash, in złoty and euros. You will always be given change in złoty.

The coastline: broad sandy beaches

You can have great days out by the beach when you stay at a campsite in Poland. Poland is to the east of Germany, so its northern regions are by the sea. The Baltic to be precise. This coastline is over 500 km long and has a lot of beautiful beaches. Most of them are broad, sandy beaches where you can relax while the kids build sand castles. But there are also smaller, more secluded stretches of sand. Are you a sporty type? Then you’ll love the  challenging VeloRoute 10 bike route that goes right along the coast.. The Polish coast is quite unique, because there are also salt water lakes here, which once used to be coves and bays.

The land of a 1000 lakes and other beautiful nature areas

Further inland in Poland there are also lots of lakes. Especially in the Masurian Lake District in Masuria. This region has more than 2000 lakes!  There’s a lot of spectacular nature to be enjoyed near your campsite. Such as the famous Lower Silesian Wilderness, the largest wooded area in Poland. Białowieża Forest, home to the European buffalo is even on the UNESCO world heritage list. The amazing Dunajec River Gorge, is also very popular with rafting enthusiasts!

Camping with kids in Poland

You’ll find many fun places to take the kids during a family camping holiday in Poland. Of course the sea is close to the popular tourist areas in the north of Poland, so a day out at the country’s largest sand pit is always an option. Head further inland and you’ll find plenty of parks to spend the day with your children. Amusement parks, theme parks, climbing parks and beautifully manicured gardens where you can relax while the kids feed the ducks, romp in a playground or run through a botanical maze. If you’re holidaying with children, they’ll need their own travel documents.

Popular cities

There are plenty of famous cities in Poland, such as Kraków and Warsaw, with their historical centres. Malbork is also well known, as it has the world’s  largest medieval castle: Slot Mariënburg. Torun, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Lublin, Lodz, Katowice, Szczecin, Sopot, Zakopane and Zamosc are also popular old cities. Feast your eyes on the old areas of the cities and then enjoy a drink and a meal in the more modern part of the city. Good to know: Big cities in Poland often have free wifi hotspots. Although you don’t necessarily need these as Poland is part of the EU and you can therefore often use your mobile internet subscription.

Fun places by the sea in your holiday region

Some fun places to visit in the popular tourist area of West Pommeren by the sea are: Wolin, Międzyzdroje, Rewal, Dobrzyca, Gaski, Kołobrzeg and Dabki. Discover what you can do and see there on the special West-Pommeren page.

What’s the food like in Poland?

When holidaying at a campsite in Poland, you’ll want to enjoy a good meal with some fine company. But what’s the food like in Poland? Many years ago, the staple diet used to be potatoes and cabbage, but things have moved on since then and now there are strong Mediterranean influences present in the Polish cuisine. This makes the Polish dishes on offer more varied and gives holidaymakers much more choice.

Breakfast and lunch consists of bread with cheese, sausage, eggs or jam, with tea or coffee. For dinner there’s lots of soups, such as the traditional Polish red beetroot soup, pea soup, lentil soup or the more familiar tomato or chicken soup. Polish main dishes consist mainly of meat, potatoes and vegetables, but pizza and pasta are also very popular. Food tip: the filled pasta dish Pierogi. And for dessert? Order apple pie (szarlotka), cheese cake (sernik) or gingerbread (piernik) with chocolate!