Camping Kids

Camping Kids with Tipy, Flora and Zipp

You will find the funniest entertainment program at the campsite! Camping Kids has a great range of activities for children aged 4 to 12. They will have exciting adventures with the happy Indian Tipy, his girlfriend Flora and the cuddley bee Zipp. They can do arts and crafts, play, dance or participate in sports with Tipy and Flora. There is also an exciting choice of activities for older children of up to 12 years old with games like treasure hunts, games and sports.


New Camping Kids website

Children can get into a holiday mood all year round! Tipy, Flora and Zipp have a new website with games, activities and information about the countries they go to on their holidays. Parents can find out everything they need to know about the entertainment teams and programs on the website.

And to get into a holiday mood all year round you can order the nicest Camping Kids articles in our webshop, like dolls of Zipp, Flora and Tipy, the mini-disco cd, a Camping Kids bath towel and a t-shirt.