Campsites in cycle racing areas


For avid racing fans, a cycling holiday to France is an absolute must. Cycle parts of the famous Tour de France or climb the Mont de Ventoux - there's something for every level of ability. Combine cycling with visits to historical villages, museums and, of course, the lovely terraces.



Italy is a very mountainous country. Perhaps this is why cycle racing is even more popular in Italy than in France or Switzerland. It can sometimes be hard work but the rewards are absolutely worth it: the views are breathtaking, and at night you can recuperate on the campsite with a drink and a bite to eat.



Austria is perfect for all kinds of cycling holidays, offering challenging, steep climbs and heavy descents, as well as flat areas around beautiful lakes and through charming villages. The climate is perfect, especially for a sporty holiday. Have a waterproof handy if you go into the mountains!



You can also ride difficult tours on your racing bike in this lesser-known area. It's perfect for cycists who don't want to venture into the mountains but want more than just flat areas.  In Limburg and the Ardennes you can ride the routes of the well-known cycling classics.