Campsites with Kalahari Premium safari tents

The Safari tent Kalahari Premium is suitable for 5 persons. This can also be for 5 adults! You’ll all be camping in the great outdoors, but will be sleeping in a real bed!

Luxury, wooden furniture

The furniture is made of scaffolding wood. So you’ll be able to have delightfully, comfortable evenings on the veranda, playing games with the whole family, reading a book or having dinner together. Want a drink and some cheese and biscuits? Just nip into your safari tent and get your refreshments from the large fridge. The separate freezer holds plenty of space for lots of tasty ice creams, perfect for those hot afternoons. Want to cook or heat something up? The portable hob and microwave await you. Mmmm. Camping in the Kalahari Premium is one big, pleasant adventure!

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