Camping in Lower Saxony

Camping Lower Saxony

If you’d like to enjoy a diversity of nature while on holiday, then a campsite in Lower Saxony will be perfect for you! You’ll  experience a wide variety of different landscapes from your campsite in the region. Stunning heathland, Dense forests, marvelous mountains, the sea, beaches and wonderful lakes. This area of Germany is a real paradise for hikers and bikers, but lovers of watersports and health spas will also have the time of their lives here. Each different part of Lower Saxony has its own specific, special place. Curious? Book your campsite in Lower Saxony with Vacansoleil now and find out for yourself why this region is so fascinating!

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Camping Knaus Campingpark Wingst

Wingst - Lower Saxony - Germany

Visit the nature reserve next to the campsite. Forests, meadows, murmuring streams - it's all here. This campsite offers a wide choice of activities. Take a swim, brave the tree climbing course and visit the zoo opposite the campsite.

Fun in, on and alongside the water.

A camping holiday at a campsite in Lower Saxony means savouring the beauty of the north sea coast and the majesty of the many lakes in the area. Discover the charm of the lively harbour towns and the idyllic little fishing villages. Have fun on the broad, sandy beaches of the German Wadden islands. Stroll through the dunes, wander the coastline or relax on the beach. Lower Saxony also has a lot of lakes. The largest one being Steinhuder Meer near Hannover. It’s a paradise for watersports lovers. Sail. Surf. Swim or sail. If you’ve been longing for a camping holiday by the water, then book a campsite in Lower Saxony.

Things to see and do near the campsite in Lower Saxony

Although the nature and water areas are spectacular, there are lots of other great things to do near your campsite in Lower Saxony. There are numerous zoos, game reserves and amusement parks in the area. There’s so much to see here! Go on a thrilling journey back in time at the Dinosaur park, travel around the world’s animal kingdom or visit Germany’s largest safari and large game reserve in Hodenhagen. Looking for a real adrenaline rush? Then visit Heide-Park Soltau in the Lüneburger Heide or push your limits in Magic Park Verden. Your kids will love it there!

City trips from your campsite in Lower Saxony

There are plenty of amazing city trips to be made from your campsite in Lower Saxony. Hannover is its capital. This city has a lively centre, with a large pedestrian zone. There’s great shopping and lots of culture on show. Climb the town hall’s dome and delight in the incredible view. One of the real gems hidden in the hilly countryside is Hamelin, made famous by the well- known story the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  During your camping holiday in Lower Saxony, you can admire the riches, mysterious history and the architecture of the region. If you’re interested in Arts and culture, then Bremen is a must see!

Activities in Lower Saxony

Your campsite in Lower Saxony is the perfect base from which to plan many exciting activities. The surrounding area is ideal for lovely long walks or pleasant bike rides with all the family. Rather gallop through the countryside? No problem. The region has lots of bridle paths, where riders can have a great time trotting about.  You can also discover the area by water. On a boat, canoe, sailboat motor boat or organized boat tour. Do you like golf? You can play a round near the campsite, in complete harmony with nature! Camping in lower Saxony means staying in an extremely diverse natural paradise , with a seemingly endless amount of possibilities!