Camping in Campania/Naples

Camping Campania

A camping holiday in Campania is an excellent blend of wonderful beach life, water sports, charming towns, historic villages and magical islands. This region in the south of Italy is an attractive destination for lovers of nature, culture, gastronomy, traditions and an azure sea. There is so much to see, do and experience here that there are probably not enough days in one holiday to Campania to manage it all. To fully explore this interesting region, you will have to come back often. Fortunately, you can easily book the most beautiful and affordable campsites in Campania through Vacansoleil!

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Camping Baia Domizia

Baia Domizia - Campania/Naples - Italy

Lovely campsite right by a beautiful, long sandy beach between Naples and Rome. Ideal base for sniffing culture as well as enjoying an impressive environment and climate. You will return home like a Fenix arising from the ashes!

Cultural experience from your campsite in Campania

A campsite in Campania is perfect for all types of holiday. Do you love culture and history? Then Campania is the region for you. Discover the impressive Roman Pompeii or Herculaneum, ancient cities that were found buried under a layer of ashes from Mount Vesuvius. A visit to the Greek temples and caves of Tiberio is also recommended. Do not forget to take a look at Terracina when you stay at a campsite in Campania. Here you can find a section of the ancient Via Appia, the historic road that was built by the Romans in 312 BC. You will find yourself going back in time.

Happy landscape around your campsite in Campania

If you are staying at a campsite in Campania, then you will stay in the 'happy landscape' as the Romans called the southern Italian region of Campania. This is reflected in the beautiful azure Tyrrhenian Sea, the cliffs, the lovely green plains and rugged interior. The landscapes in this region are very diverse and will leave you with an unforgettable impression. Vesuvius is also part of the 'happy landscape'. A trip to the top of this still active volcano is definitely an experience you should not miss during your camping holiday in Campania.

Visit Naples, the capital of Campania

When you stay at a campsite in Campania, make sure to visit the historical and simultaneously cosmopolitan city of Naples. The capital of Campania is exuberant, chaotic and densely populated, but has a sublime atmosphere you cannot afford to miss. Visit the cathedral or the oldest opera house in Italy, the Teatro di San Carlo, and enjoy a delicious pizza Margherita. After your sightseeing in Naples you can reminisce back at your campsite in Campania.

Discover the idyllic off-shore islands

Near your campsite in Campania are the idyllic islands of Capri and Ischia. From the port of Sorrento, the ferry can take you to the islands. The charming island of Capri has a rugged coastline, hilly inland, beautiful nature and amazing vegetation. Walk up Monte Solaro and enjoy breathtaking views. The island of Ischia has beautiful flora and this is in full bloom during the early season. The coastline of this island is a paradise for snorkling. Experience this for yourself during your camping holiday in Campania.

Book a camping holiday at a campsite in Campania and stay in one of the most beautiful regions of southern Italy!