Camping in Liguria

Camping in Liguria

A campsite in Liguria is a popular holiday destination for many tourists. This colourful region is also called the Flower Riviera because many places in this coastal region are decorated with brightly coloured flowers. Terraces overflow with bougainvillea, the famous purple flowers. The region is also known for the export of flowers. Besides the beautiful flowers, this region also has a stunning natural landscape, historic seaside towns, beautiful beaches and a sunny climate. There's plenty to do for young and old. Therefore, a campsite in Liguria is suited for all types of holiday-maker. Book your holiday with Vacansoleil now.

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A beach holiday in Liguria

Your campsite in Liguria is always located near the cooling Tyrrhenian Sea. The most beautiful beaches of Italy can be found here and therefore this region ideal for a beach holiday. The warm crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches invite you to spend whole days by the sea. Here you can laze, swim, float, play ball games and water sports; all at an average temperature of 27 degrees. Do you want to spend your beach holiday at one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Italy this year? Then a campsite in Liguria is the best choice for you.

The beautiful landscape around your campsite in Liguria

When staying at a campsite in Liguria, the 'Flower Riviera', you will find yourself in a breathtaking natural landscape. The region is mountainous. In some places the mountains even seem to disappear into the sea. The beautiful flowers which the Italian Riviera owes its name to, such as roses, orchids and bougainvillea, grow in the wild here. Walk from your campsite in Liguria through the rugged, high cliffs to the picturesque villages that are linked together in a national park and discover why this trail is one of the finest in Europe.

Enjoy culture around your campsite in Liguria

At a campsite in Liguria you will not only enjoy a beach holiday by the sea, you can also take in plenty of culture in this region. Visit the city of San Remo and be surprised by the old churches and the beautiful authentic buildings. The ancient port city of Genoa with its marble palaces and the house of Christopher Columbus is also a must. You will experience a taste of real Italian life. The five wonderful villages of Cinque Terre are also worth visiting. And after a day experiencing wonderful culture you return to complete rest and relaxation at your campsite in Liguria.

Heading out from your campsite in Liguria

In the vicinity of your campsite on the Italian Riviera are picturesque villages and bustling seaside resorts. Pietra Ligure is an example. Here you can stroll along the wide boulevard with its swaying palm trees and, during the summer months, you can attend a concert in the attractive square, Piazza XX Settembre. During your stay at a campsite in Liguria you should also visit the fashionable Portofino peninsula. Here it seems like you are on a film set because the beautiful harbour is home to expensive luxury yachts while the shoreline is dominated by colour-washed houses.

Looking for a relaxed camping holiday in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy? Enjoy one at a campsite in Liguria, the Flower Riviera.