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Cagnotte vacances : On vous rembourse 10% sur chacune de vos réservations
J'en profite
Cagnotte vacances : On vous rembourse 10% sur chacune de vos réservations
J'en profite
Enjoy holiday fun at a

campsite by the sea

Sun, sea, sand and beaches; most of us think of these when it comes to our holidays and that's not surprising. Many of us dream of lazy days soaking up the sun on that much needed holiday break. Soft sand between your toes, chilling out on a comfortable beach chair, looking forward to cooling off in the clear blue sea. After a lovely swim, pop back onto your beach chair and dry off in the sun. It's what holiday dreams are made of. Of course, this is why many of our holidaymakers choose to stay at a campsite by the sea. A campsite by the sea can be the ideal base to enjoy the sun, sea and beach fun. Find a nice spot to relax, enjoy the various campsites facilities, all within a short distance from the sea. At Vacansoleil we have conveniently listed all our campsites by the seain one place, so you can easily find the one that suits you best.

Campsites by the sea in Spain

What a perfect family holiday, combining the freedom and relaxing nature of a campsite with the joys of the Spanish seaside. Spain is of course famous for its amazing beaches and great weather, so a visit to a Spanish beach is a must. No need to compromise, with a campsite by the sea we can offer you the best of both worlds. We are fortunate to have many great campsites by the sea in Spain, both in the Costa Brava and Costa Dorada regions. Costa Brava or the ‘Wild Coast' stretches over 200km from the French border to the north of Barcelona. This diverse region has many beach resorts, not to mention the wonderful cities of Barcelona and Girona. A little further south lies the Costa Dorada, experience Spain's golden coast with the beaches and resort towns of Salou, Cambrils and Sitges on your doorstep. The Costa Brava has plenty more to offer such as the Ebro Delta National Park, ideal for nature lovers to explore. Our parcs are ideally located right in the centre of the action. Check out our campsites by the sea in Spainand let the holiday fun begin.

Campsites by the sea in Italy

If you are looking for a seaside campsite holiday, Italy is a great choice. This beautiful country is almost entirely surrounded by seas. Your spoilt for choice really, in the east you have the Adriatic Sea, in the south the Ionian Sea and to the west the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas. Plus, there are numerous coastal resorts where you can enjoy holiday beach fun at its best. The kids can build sandcastles and swim all day, you can relax and re-charge the batteries. From your campsite by the sea in Italy, you can walk to the beach in just a few minutes. Enjoy the sensation of warm sand under your feet and a refreshing swim in the sea. If you forget the sunscreen, no problem, you'll be back at the campsite in no time at all! Choose a campsite by the sea in Tuscany or the Adriatic, where you might fit in a day trip to Venice, or stunning Sardinia perhaps. Wherever you choose, beautiful and pleasant campsites await. Discover your ideal campsite by the sea in Italywith Vacansoleil.

Campsites by the sea in France

When many of us think of France we think of holidays, great weather and of course the beach! France is blessed with a large coastline. Holiday makers can choose to stay at destinations as varied as the Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay or the northern coasts of Brittany and Normandy. No matter where you chose, you'll be spoilt with an abundance of great beaches and costal resorts to choose from. At Vacansoleil, we are fortunate to have many campsites by the sea in France, on almost all the countries coasts. A campsite by the sea in France is a great place to spend your holidays, you get the best of both worlds, the comforts and convenience of a great campsite, all the while being just a stones throw from the beach. Can't wait to be on a French beach, soaking up the sun? Then book a campsite by the sea in the South of France, Brittany, Normandy or on the famous Côte d'Azur. Discover your ideal campsite by the sea in Francewith Vacansoleil.

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