Costa Verde

Costa Verde

A campsite on the Costa Verde is a good place to stay in summer. The temperatures here are pleasant: not to high, not to low. This is because the Costa Verde is the most northerly costa of Spain, beside the Atlantic Ocean. An ideal location for a holiday with your kids in high season! Read more and discover what else the green Costa Verde has to offer. So you can already plan the first days of your trip here!

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Pleasant, small beaches

The difference compared to other Spanish costas is that Costa Verde is fairly quiet. The sandy beaches are lapped by the clear azure blue sea. Instead of one huge long stretch of beach, like at the Costa Brava for example, you’ll find several smaller beaches at Costa Verde. Why? This coastline is interspersed with rugged rocks. They split the entire coast of the Costa Verde into lots of small, sandy beaches, with plenty of nice shady spots too!

Costa Verde: the green costa of Spain

The Costa Verde takes its name from the enormous amount of greenery that you find here. Wide grass meadows between the mountains. And the whole coast is covered with scented pine forests! Do you like the sound of a campsite on the Costa Verde? Then you choose for beach holiday combined with nature. A perfect area to de-stress during your holiday while enjoying the green all around you.

A must at the Costa Verde

A real must for your holiday at the Costa Verde is to totally relax on one of the sandy beaches you find very close by! Because of the climate and size, the beaches are ideal for beach holidays for couples and holidays with young children. As an adult you can sunbathe and read a book, while enjoying the fresh sea-mountain air and the sound of the waves lapping gently onto the beach. Children have plenty of space to play in the sand, to build castles and run through the surf.

Heading out into the surrounding area

In addition to the beach, the Costa Verde is known for its prehistorical caves, mountains with great walking routes, interesting old cities with narrow, cobbled streets and truly Spanish restaurants that serve the best fish, meat and vegetable skewers that kids love!

To the cities Noja, Santander & Bilbao

Noja is one of the most beautiful cities of the Costa Verde. It has an characteristic old centre and one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Furthermore, the capital of the province of Cantabrië, Santander, is highly rated and well worth a visit. In this port city you can eat fresh fish and enjoy a fun boat trip from Los Reginas for just a few euros. The large city of Bilbao will give you the opportunity to experience the Basque culture. Admire the buildings like Theatro Arriage, the Zubizuri bridge, the Cathedral of Santiago de Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum.