Camping in North Brabant

Camping in Noord-Brabant

Choose a camping holiday at a camp site in Noord-Brabant this year and enjoy a beautiful landscape and the Brabant atmosphere. This province has beautiful nature, charming towns, interesting sights, castles, country houses and spectacular theme parks. North Brabant is a province full of unprecedented possibilities. Here you can find something for everyone. Looking for a comfortable, versatile and welcoming holiday? Go and enjoy a campsite in North Brabant with Vacansoleil.

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Camping Recreatiepark 't Zand

Alphen - North Brabant - The Netherlands

A real family campsite in Dutch Brabant, but also very close to the Belgian border. Discover the stunning countryside and enjoy the fun activities and good facilities on the campsite.

Enjoy the green nature from your campsite in North Brabant

When you stay at a campsite in North Brabant there is no way you can avoid the beautiful nature of Brabant. This green province has some wonderful nature reserves. The Loonse en Drunense Duinen in Kaatsheuvel is an area of shifting sands, vast forests and swamps where you can walk and cycle. Also De Kempen, the Biesbosch and the Strabrechtse Heide offer all manner of things. And we're not finished yet, because when you stay at a campsite in North Brabant, you can visit De Groote Peel National Park, an amazing bird-rich area with beautiful flora and fauna.

Visit the cosy, welcoming cities in North Brabant

Your campsite in North Brabant is in the vicinity of several charming towns which this province houses. Visit Den Bosch. Stroll through the beautiful historic city, take a tour, visit the St. John's Cathedral, and the Drakenfontein, go shopping or settle down on one of the many terraces and enjoy a delicious Bossche bol. Also Tilburg, known for the largest fair in the Benelux, the bustling city of Breda and even the Belgian Antwerp are nearby. Your campsite in North Brabant is the ideal base.

Travelling from your campsite in North Brabant to Beekse Bergen and the Efteling

From your campsite in North Brabant, you can make nice trips. In addition to the various nature reserves, you can see, do and experience much more in this province. For example, go on a safari in Beekse Bergen and experience Africa up close. Admire the many, and sometimes exotic, animals and walk or drive through the beautiful area. Children will have fun in Speelland where games and water fun are a key ingredient. A day at the Efteling must be on your to do list of course . The Flying Dutchman, the spectacular and dazzling python, the mysterious Villa Volta and of course the fairytale forest are a must during your stay at a campsite in North Brabant.

More great trips from your campsite in North Brabant

At your campsite in North Brabant there is plenty to do, but outside the campsite there's much more to discover. Get on your bike or put on your walking shoes on and explore the varied countryside of forest, meadows, marshes and dunes. Visit the picturesque villages along the river, the zoo in Best  or the Autotron in Rosmalen. Various music festivals during the summer months complete the Brabant atmosphere. During the day enjoy so many activities and spend your evenings relaxing at the campsite in North Brabant.

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