Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - At the campsite

Where do I check in on arrival at the campsite?

On arrival you  go the the campsite reception. Here you will meet the local representative for Vacansoleil or campsites own staff who is your reference for questions and information during your stay. On more and more campsites we work with Vacansoleil couriers. When this is the case the campsite reception will direct you to the reception tent of Vacansoleil. Here our couriers are happy to meet you and check you in.

What extra costs will I be expected to pay at the campsite?

On arrival, you will be asked for a deposit for your accommodation, which will be returned to you when you leave providing the accommodation is in good condition. Other possible fees like a final cleaning, air conditioning or bed linen hire are noted in the price list. Sometimes local authorities ask for a tourist tax, varying from €1,00 to €2,00 per person per day, to be paid at the site. Other possible extra taxes are environment/ecotaxes, the usual registration fee in Croatia and the Danish camping card. Many campsites ask a refundable deposit for a wrist band or the entrance bar's key.

Do I need to pay a deposit on the campsite?

On arrival you will be asked deposit for the use of the accommodation and the inventory. Normally the deposit can vary between € 50.00 and € 300.00 (in €/’s or in local currency). Exact information about the deposit and the way of payment is advised in the travel documents. When the accommodation on departure is not left in the same state as it was upon arrival, then the local presenter is able to keep (a part of) the deposit as compensation for the extra costs.

Where can I go to if I have an issue whilst on the campsite?

Once on site, if you have any questions or queries regarding your accommodation or the campsite in general you must first advise campsite reception staff or, where present, the Vacansoleil courier. If the situation is not resolved to your satisfaction on site then you must, according to the holiday terms and conditions in your contract, contact our office immediately by telephone on 00353 21 427 25 27.
Contact Information is also provided in your travel documents.

Are the facilities open the whole season on the campsite?

The most important facilities on the campsite are also open in low season.You can find the guaranteed opening dates for  the restaurant and the pool on the information page of the campsite. When there more pools on a campsite, then the opening dates are applicable for minimum 1 pool. It may occur that some facilities (for example the swimming pool) is closing in the afternoon because of the siesta. It is also possible that there are different opening hours in low season which differs from campsite, facilities and receptions on the campsite.

If it is mentioned in the campsite information that new facilities are planned for a certain date, will this be finished by then?

It's a goal, as indicated to us by the campsite, however we cannot guarantee this. Our advisors can inform you about the progress of any building works. Whenever there is more information, then the website will be updated.

Are there any swimming pool restrictions?

Every campsite has it own set of rules which must be adhered to. Around the pool area especially must be kept safe and there will be a set of rules which must be obeyed. In Italy some of the campsites state a bathing cap must be worn. Also some bermuda style swimming shorts may be not be permitted. You can find this information on our website or ask one of our collegues. Please be aware that the swimming pool may sometimes close in the afternoon for the siesta period. Please consider that keeping sun beds occupied unnecessarily  by the pool is not  done. It can occur that the pool will be temporarily closed , as a precaution if there is poor weather. Obviously this is for safety of the guests. We ask for your understanding.

Can I park my car next to the accommodation?

Usually you can park your car next to your accommodation. If this is not possible it will be mentioned on the “facilities” tab on each campsite page. If you cannot park at your accommodation a central car parking area will be provided. If you take more than one car you may be charged an extra fee at the campsite. Any extra cars must be parked at the central parking area.

Are barbecues allowed at the campsite?

Barbeques are allowed on most campsites. However open BBQs are forbidden on some campsites due to local fire regulations, in this case you may be allowed to use electric or gas barbecues. Please see the “more info” tab on each campsite page for information on BBQ usage or rental. Please note: No Barbeques are provided with any Vacansoleil accommodation.

Is there WiFi on the campsite?

Always online with your smartphone, tablet or laptop? Most campsites now have WiFi coverage. A WiFi logo will be shown in the campsite information section to indicate if WiFi is available. Most campsites charge a fee (payable locally) if you use the facility. Please note that the quality of the WiFi can differ from what you are used to back home. There are campsites where there is only coverage around central areas and sometimes you can only use one device at a time.

Which languages do the campsite staff speak?

Vacansoleil employs team members who can speak several languages. Plus, they can speak the language of the country they are working in. If you want to know which languages are spoken at the campsite please check our website or ask our sales team.

Can I bring a small tent?

On some campsites it is permitted to put up a small tent beside your accommodation (a local fee may apply). The maximum number of persons allowed in your main accommodation cannot be exceeded by the use of a small personal tent. Please call us to check in advance if your campsite allows the use of extra small tents.

Does every campsite offer entertainment in my own language?

On almost every campsite Vacansoleil offer an animation program run by Vacansoleil staff or by the campsite directly. On selected campsites Vacansoleil offers its own professional animation program for different age groups. These are: Camping Kids (4 to 12 years), Camping ForYou (for teenagers), Camping Family (for the entire family) and Camping Adventure (for adventure seekers). If these animation programs are present a logo will be shown on the campsite page.

Click here for an overview of campsites with animation programs for everybody. Most other campsites offer their own entertainment. This animation is usually in the language of the country but can be in other languages too. You will find more information on our website.

Final cleaning

There will be no charge for final cleaning if your accommodation is left as you found it - in a clean and tidy state so that the next guests can take up residence without any intervention from local management. Certain accommodation has an obligatory cleaning fee. This is noted in the price panel on the specific campsite page. 
On a couple of campsites in Croatia it is possible to have the final cleaning done by the local staff. For a supplement of € 45 the accommodation will be cleaned after your departure. You can add this to your booking. If you have already made your booking, you can still add the final cleaning cost to the booking by contacting one of our colleagues.
The final cleaning check will be done in your presence with the local representative during the specified times on your travel documents. If you intend leaving the park early then the final cleaning check will have to be done after your departure. In this case, you will need advise the local representative in advance so he/she can arrange for the return of your deposit.