Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - Home again

Lost items

If you have lost or left something from your holiday we advise you to call our sales team within a week of arriving back home. For the best chance of locating the item we will ask you for as many features of the object as we can, such as, the brand, product, colour, size and other specific features.

Where can I ask questions and give feedback regarding my holiday?

We are eager to hear how your holiday was. After you arrive home, you’ll receive an email with a questionnaire about how happy you were about your holiday. We are very curious about what you have to say. If you’d like to speak to someone in person, then feel free to us. We’ll be glad to help.

Is it possible to make a booking for next year?

Yes, you can make a booking for next year.

Are your holiday dates available online with prices? Then you can go ahead and book!
The down payment deposit of €100.00 per unit of accommodation booked will be required excluding the reservation costs and any insurance booked. 

Are the dates for your holiday online, but without prices?
If prices for the accommodation for your specific campsite are not yet known, you can still make a pre-booking. After you have booked you will receive a confirmation email. The initial deposit that you are required to pay will be € 100.00 per unit of accommodation booked. You will be notified once the prices are known. Then you can make the decision if you want to make the booking definite. If you want to book, we’ll offset this amount against the final gross price. If you decide to cancel, you’ll receive your deposit back.

Good to know: A pre-booking is not a guarantee for accommodation or campsite availability.

Cancel or change your booking for next year for free
You can cancel your booking for next year (2021) for free up to the 1st of March 2021. you’ll receive your deposit back immediately. You can change your destination, campsite, accommodation and holiday period for free 1x, up to the 15th of April 2021.