Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions - Home again

Lost items

If you have lost or left something from your holiday we advise you to call our sales team within a week of arriving back home. For the best chance of locating the item we will ask you for as many features of the object as we can, such as, the brand, product, colour, size and other specific features.

Where can I ask questions and give feedback regarding my holiday?

You may contact us by telephone if you have any additional comments.

Is it possible to make a booking for next year?

Can I book now for next year?
Yes you can book now for next year!

Are the dates of your holiday not yet online?
Then we’ll take care of your booking, step by step by phone. Please call us or use the so we can call you back.

Are the dates for your holiday online, but without prices?
Then you can book your holiday. You will only need to make a  € 100 pre-payment per accommodation. As soon as the prices are published you will receive an invoice with the total amount payable. You then have 5 days to either confirm or cancel the booking. If you decide to book you do not need to take further action and the initial pre-payment amount will be deducted from the total fee payable. If you decide to cancel we will transfer the € 100 back into your account.

Are your holiday dates available online with prices?
Then you can go ahead and book. You will have 1 week to make a down payment. Booking before December 1st? Then this fee will be 20% of the total sum of the hire of the accommodation, reservation costs, fee for calamity fund and any possible fees for insurances. If you book after the 1st of December, the down payment will be 30% of the total amount.