On holiday

Frequently asked questions - On holiday

Where do I have to go to when I arrive at the campsite?

When you arrive at the campsite, please report to the campsites main reception or to the special Vacansoleil reception tent, if one is available. If you have any question during your stay you can go to the campsite reception or if we have our own camping rep on park they will be happy to assits you too. Vacansoleil staff have their own unique blue shirts and will be happy to tell you everything about the campsite and its surroundings.

What additional costs do I have to consider on site?

On arrival, you will be asked to pay a security deposit for your accommodation, which will be returned to you when you leave providing that your accommodation is left in good condition. The deposit amount required and form of payment accepted is stated in your travel documents. Please note some campsites will require your bank account Iban details.

Other possible fees such final cleaning, air conditioning or bed linen hire are listed in the campsite details.And also under the heading “Pay on site” on your reservation overview on the internet and on your invoice.

If you book over the phone, you will be informed of any local unavoidable costs. In most destinations local authorities require as a tourist tax, per person per day, to be paid at the site. Other possible extras are environment/ecotaxes, a registration fee in Croatia and a Danish camping card. Many campsites ask a refundable deposit for a facilities wrist band or the entrance bar's key.

Do I have to pay a deposit at the campsite?

At most campsites you must pay a accommodation damage deposit and for the inventory within. The amount varies per campsite.  The deposit amount due and the method of payment can be found on the website. This is stated per campsite in the accommodation descriptions. This information is also shown on your travel documents. If the accommodation is not left in good or the same condition as on arrival, (part or all) of the deposit may be retained.

What personal ID documents should I present at the campsite to at check in

When checking in at the campsite, you are often asked to identify yourself and your fellow travellers. You must present your passport or ID. To prevent identity fraud, we recommend that you never leave your passport at the reception even if you are requested to do so. It is best to make a copy of your identity documents beforehand. Write on it that it is a copy and cross out your personal citizen identification/passport number. You can leave this copy version at the reception if needed.

Is there WIFI available on the campsite?

Nowadays, stable internet connection is a must for many, even when on holiday. That's why it also needs to be availble on the campsite And it is! More and more campsites have WiFi hotspots. This service may not always be free and the quality may differ from what you are used to at home. It varies per campsite. For example, there are campsites with Wi-Fi reception only in central places on the campsite. You may have to purchase a code to get WiFI access (only log in with one device at a time). You can check how Wifi is organised at your campsite on the camping info page on our website under the heading 'Facilities'.

It is also good to know that due to European legislation it should now be no more expensive to use your mobile internet abroad than in the country of origin. Contact your mobile service provider for full information.

Can I park my car next to my accommodation?

At most campsites you can indeed park your car next to your accommodation. If this is not possible then you can park your car in the central parking area. Parking arrangements are outlined on the campsite info page on our website under the heading 'Provisions'. If you are taking more than one car to there may be a local extra charges for this and you can park this car in the central parking area.. 

Can I barbecue at my campsite?

You can barbecue at many campsites. However local authorities often determine what is or is not allowed due to potential fire hazards. Electric or gas barbecues are usually allowed but charcoal may not be. Please refer to the campsite page under the heading 'Facilities' to check if barbecuing is allowed at your campsite and for which type.

Can I pitch my own tent next to my accommodation?

At a number of campsites, you are allowed set up your own tent next to your accommodation. There may be an addition local fee to do this. It is also important to know however, that the maximum occupancy of your accommodation may not be exceeded using this extra tent. To avoid any disappointment please contact us before your holiday and we will check if it is possible to put up a tent at your campsite and if extra people need to be registered. We are happy to help you!

What are the rules regarding final cleaning?

There will be no charge for final cleaning if your accommodation is left as you found it - clean and tidy. A final cleaning check should be done in your presence by the local representative during check out. If you intend leaving the park early, then the final cleaning check will have to be done after your departure. In this case, please discuss in advance with our campsite representative how the return of your deposit can be arranged.

On some campsites, certain accommodations have a compulsory cleaning fee. This is advised under "Additional costs" on the accommodation details on the selected campsite page. Sometimes, this fee is paid as part of your booking and is invoiced as part of your holiday total and sometimes it is payable on site. If this is to be paid on site, this information will be included in your booking confirmation under "Payable on site".

On some campsites, it is possible to book a final cleaning service. In such cases, during the online booking process, you will have the option to add this service to your cart. If you have already made your booking, you can still add the final cleaning cost to the booking by contacting us.