Camping in West-Pomerania

Camping in West-Pomerania

Never heard of West Pomerania in Poland? That’s the beauty of the area! This wonderful holiday destination on the Baltic coast has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. Polish holidaymakers have been coming here for years to enjoy the white, sandy beaches, gorgeous countryside and fun family attractions. The weather here is great, with pleasant spring sunshine and hot summers. 

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Where is West Pomerania located?

West Pomerania is in the North West of Poland and borders Germany. It’s also about a day’s drive from the Netherlands, roughly 900 kilometres from Utrecht. You can reach West Pomerania via Hamburg and Rostock.

Beach, beach and beach.

A holiday by the beach in Poland? Yes indeed! The sandy beaches are the main attraction in West Pomerania. They are truly spectacular! White sands, some with a hint of gold and almost all of them long and broad. Most beaches have excellent facilities and are kept extremely tidy. They have lots of places to eat and drink, toilets and plenty of parking. The most popular beaches are by Łazy, Dąbki, Mielno, Unieście and the famous spa town of Kołobrzeg. Tip: take a walk across the 200 meter long pier. Also explore the little fishing villages along the Baltic coast and you’ll discover some beautiful, quiet, more secluded beaches. Pomerania really lives up to name as “ The Land by the sea’.

Out and about with all the family in West Pomerania

If the kids can decide where to go, they’ll choose Whale Park Rewal (It’s not an aquarium, but a combination of a playground and educational centre) or the miniature park in Międzyzdroje (Depicting tiny versions of the Baltic countries). Hortulus in Dobrzyca is gorgeous and a lot of fun: it’s a fantastic collection of English, French and Japanese gardens. While you admire the gardens, the kids can have a blast in the enormous hornbeam maze!

Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings of West Pomerania

Wolin, located in the tip of north east West Pomerania, was once a legendary Viking stronghold. This was home to the infamous Jomsburg-Vikings. If you’re in West Pomerania in the summer, then visit the Wolin Viking festival. Complete battles are re-enacted here! Looking for a more tranquil cultural outing? Then climb the centuries-old lighthouse of Gąski or wander the streets of the medieval city of Koszalin. The Maria Cathedral is the main attraction, but don’t forget to pay a visit to the marvelous shops and cafés there. Koszalin is a real student town with a lively atmosphere!

For all nature and bird lovers

Storks, grebes, wild swans, herons, sea eagles … national park Wolin (Woliński Park Narodowy) is a real paradise for bird watchers. This wonderful piece of nature is on the Wolin peninsula, right by the sea. The countryside in Wolin is wild and rugged, with steep cliffs, thick forests and lots of hills. So bring both your binoculars and walking boots!

Planning a holiday in West Pomerania?

Is West Pomerania on your to do list? This Polish beach destination is well worth a visit. Even if it’s just so you can say you’ve been to ‘Zachodniopomorskie’. That’s Polish for West Pomerania .